We have been in lumber trading business with our theme “Woody Life” for 40 years, importing wooden products from Sweden, Finland, Austria, the US, Canada, etc and having stocks of these quality products in Japan as well as Japan-made products, so that we can achieve prompt delivery to customers. We will keep promoting “Life with wood” from now on as a wood material specialist from our own point of view to make the important space healthful and relaxing for people when they live, gather, learn and play. The idea is for communication with the warmth of natural materials that are full of healthy aspects and looks.

  • May 1946 :
    Seiji Suzuki started a wood-processing factory named Suzuki Lumber
    by his own in Engaru, Hokkaido.
  • September 1973 :
    His son, Keith Suzuki engaged into Suzuki Lumber.
  • January 1974 :
    Suzuki Lumber opened a lumber importing division in Sapporo.
  • October 1974 :
    Keith Suzuki established Suzuki Trading Co., Sapporo
    from the lumber importing division of Suzuki Lumber.

■ Company name
■ Chairman
■ President
■ Established
■ Capital
■ Enterprise

Suzuki Trading Co., Ltd.
Keith Suzuki
Toshie Sotokawai
October 1974
20,000,000 yen

Building material of wooden products
Dimension structural lumber

■ Address
■ Phone
■ Fax

4-9-1-25 Nishioka, Toyohiraku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

■ Handling products

  • Interior paneling, ceiling, moulding made of Pine, Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Hemlock, Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, Japanese Cedar, Hinoki, Japanese Larch
  • Interior flooring made of Pine, Birch, Oak, Japanese Oak, Japanese Elm,
    Castor aralia, Japanese Cedar, Hinoki
  • Exterior siding; paneling, bevel siding, channel siding, log cabin siding,
    eaves paneling made of Pine, Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Japanese Cedar, Japanese Larch
  • 2x4 Dimension structural lumber made of SPF

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